Sunday, May 21, 2017

Releasing Weight v. Losing Weight

If you consider that mental conditioning is the most important influencer of expectations, then you will understand why some people shed weight more easily than others.

Notice that throughout this blog and in our material, we do not mention the word 'lose' in association with weight. There is a compelling reason for that: every time you 'lose weight', your subconscious is conditioned to go out there and find the weight that you lost. As a result, you end up gaining the weight back with 'interest'. This in itself explains the yo-yo effect that is usually a result of dieting.
On the other hand, the word 'release' implies that you let the weight go and the letting go is forever.

Dieting itself does not usually work. What really works is mental reprogramming for a change in mental conditioning that leads to a change in lifestyle.

How people feel is closely related to their level of confidence. When mental conditioning is on auto pilot and holds someone back from accomplishing their desires, then it is absolutely primordial to do some troubleshooting and repair work.

Since most people find it difficult to muster enough willpower to release extra weight, then for them, mental re-programming is an absolute must.

GET SLIM EFFORTLESSLY uses various techniques that allow someone to reprogram themselves in such an easy way that it feels effortless.

For anyone interested in shedding weight easily, effortlessly, and permanently, we offer various modalities and therapies. We also have available:

. Natural Weight Management Coaching
. Natural Weight Management Retreats
. Mindfulness Therapy for Effortless Weight Management

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